Another investment in the injection molding business unit

BKT is investing again in 2019 and continuously expanding its production capacity.

In August 2019, BKT again invests in a new injection molding machine. Quality is the focus at BKT - and so is process and manufacturing quality. BKT therefore invests in high-quality machines from the German premium manufacturer ARBURG.

Advantages of the new electronic injection molding machine ARBURG ALLROUNDER 570 E:

  • Speed and manufacturing efficiency: With the new SGM 570 E, BKT significantly minimizes the cycle time per unit. The result: faster manufacturing processes and shorter delivery times.
  • Increased precision with a locking force of 200 t and a maximum shot weight of 430 g.
  • Energy saving system (AES): The integrated energy saving system enables economical production by adapting the drive power as required.
  • Smart control: SELOGICA, the smart control, ensures more process reliability by means of graphic sequence programming and direct plausibility checks.

With the new SGM 570 E, BKT is expanding its machine park in the injection molding business to 17 injection molding systems.


BKT is a certified manufacturer of customer-specific, technical plastic parts as well as a certified manufacturer of injection molding and pressing tools for thermosets and thermoplastics.

BKT is investing again in a new injection molding machine
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