New warehouse completed

The new warehouse that BKT built on the newly acquired premises offers 1400m² of additional storage space.

Only 3 years after the construction of the new company building, BKT invested in the construction of a new warehouse in 2020/2021. The new warehouse was completed in January 2021 and will be put into operation immediately.

With the completion of the new warehouse, BKT now has a further 1400m² of storage space. An area large enough to accommodate 1600 pallets. The new storage area is used to store raw materials and cardboard boxes as well as finished parts, which can then be delivered to the customer just-in-time.

BKT Bauer Kunststofftechnik is a certified manufacturer of customer-specific, technical plastic parts as well as a certified manufacturer of injection molding and pressing tools for thermosets and thermoplastics.

New warehouse completed New warehouse completed New warehouse completed
Kocherweg 30
D-74429 Sulzbach-Laufen