Tool Making

BKT´s Tool Making division professionally assembles tools, swivel plates, precision milled parts and electrodes required for injection molding and thermoset processing based on the CAD drawings of its customers or based on the CAD drawings setup in-house by BKT´s CAD design department.

BKT´s Tool Making department professionally takes care of all requirements concerning tool making and tool maintenance. No matter whether development, construction and making of new tools, modification of tools, extension, repair or restoration of tools – BKT carefully and competently attends to every aspect concerning tools, devices and handling facilities.

Our tool making service range comprises every manufacturing process you expect from an up-to-date high-end tool making service provider: milling, CNC milling, copy milling, wire-cut EDM, plunge EDM, flat and cylindrical grinding, radio erosion technology, 3D milling and much much more.

A high-tech machinery, including high-performance sinking and wire-cut EDM machines, flat and profil grinding machines, precision milling machines as well as various jig milling machines and powerful press machines enable BKT to manufacture high-end precision tools for the injection molding and thermoset processing industry:

  • Tools for press technology
  • Devices and tool equipment
  • Electrodes
  • Injection molding tools with free form surfaces
  • Multi hot runner mold tools
  • Multi-component injection molding tools
  • Inserts and composite tools
  • Sliding and special forms
  • collapsing core technology for threads and undercutting
  • Precision individual tool manufacturing according CAD drawing


Find out more about our Collapsing Core Technology, our CAD design services, or simply contact us today to discuss your indivual plastic component requirements.

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Tool Making

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